Offer: Ozone disinfection + interior cleaning in Jaccesory

Jaccesory is a complete workshop specializing in the distribution and installation of accessories for your car, where you will find everything you need to have your car in optimal conditions.

For today, Jaccesory has two excellent options for cleaning your car:

Option 1: Pay $29 for a disinfection of cars with Ozone + interior cleaning (value $60).

The channels of the air conditioning of your car are the propitious place for the proliferation of microorganisms, some of them pathogens, like the family of the bacilli, Streptococcus and Legionella and great variety of fungi, being able to create in certain moments buds Infectious diseases that put your health at risk. By applying ozone inside the vehicle and air conditioning ducts, you get the elimination of these microorganisms and viruses like the influenza AH1N1, keeping your car clean and free of bacteria. In addition, it offers the total destruction of:-smells (cigarette, pets)-fungi-mites-allergens

Ozone is the most ecological and safe professional method for the sanitation of your car, which will keep you free of bacteria and smells for 3 months. It is a fast and effective method that leaves no residues or uses chemicals. In addition, your car will receive an interior cleaning consisting of vacuuming, cleaning of board and doors and Wax (optional) to recover the brightness of the board.

Option 2: Pay $60 for a disinfection of cars with ozone + deep cleaning of Interiors + air freshener (value $120).

Deep cleaning of the car includes doors, board, seats (without removing them), rugs and ceiling. In addition, you will receive an air freshener that comes in different aromas. You can choose between: cocktail, cilantro, spices and pink pepper, which lasts approximately 25 days. This offer is valid for all types of vehicles of any brand and size. It is not valid for buses. Breathe fresh air and eliminate odors with the disinfection service for your Jaccesory car!