Musical folklore "The Stokers, a Panamanian Cinderella".

The University of the city of knowledge is pleased to present the musical folklore "The Stokers, a Panamanian Cinderella".

Stokers is the derogatory name that stepsisters call Bernardina, a beautiful young woman who is in the care of his stepmother and stepsisters on the death of his father, a wealthy landowner from the Azuero region.

The Governor of Los Santos organizes a ball to commemorate the first 5 years of independence of Panama and invites all. But the evil stepmother does not allows the Stokers to attend.

While crying their sorrows with the mice ocuenos and lizards of Guarare, appears the Queen of the Congos, who tells Bernardina that she is her fairy godmother, so in the midst of drums and joy wears it her pollera de gala to go to the dance on a float made with a watermelon.

In the dance, the two sons of the Governor compete for the love of the Stokers in a dance called the spine, that demands talent and agility. But at 12 o'clock, the shaking of crystals and pearls, as well as your skirt will again become rags.

Live this great musical experience, written and directed by Agustín Clément, with original music by the teachers Cholo Bernal and Alfonso Lewis, and stellar performances by Ana Alejandra Carrizo, Lissette Condassin, José Carranza, Marisín Luzcando, José Miguel Castro, Nilena Zisópulos and Cuky Gray.

Location: El Ateneo (city of knowledge)
Function: Saturday, August 26
Hours: 3:00 p.m.

You can enjoy this fantastic staging of the Cinderella tale to the Panamanian style with this offer:

Pay $10 for a ticket to the musical "The Stokers, a Panamanian Cinderella" on August 26 at the University of the city of knowledge (value $23.90).