Offer Auto Air Cool Services

Panama has a warm and rainy climate that persists almost throughout the year, so it is important that the air conditioning in your car you don't fail.

Auto Air Cool Service offers you today a maintenance of air-conditioning car which includes filter change: pay $55 for a maintenance of air conditioner auto change of filter included (value $150).  

If a periodic review is made in the system of air conditioning of our vehicle bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms that can cause us respiratory illnesses can accumulate. Similarly, if this maintenance is performed on time, the system can damage and the arrangement can become very expensive.

The maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioner includes the cleaning of the evaporator, cleaning of the condenser, gas, blower cleaning and replacing the filter load. The entire process takes about 3 hours.

Don't wait to air your car ceases to function or to not cool as before to take it to maintenance. Take advantage of Auto Air Cool Service providers today.